How to Use a Broken Link Fix Tool

link fix tool

Broken links should be fixed as soon as possible. These links are likely to result in many visits to your website. In addition to being problematic, broken links also need to be redirected. Luckily, broken link fix tools exist that can help you find and repair them. Below, you will find three examples of how to use broken link fix tools. These tools are especially useful for websites that have broken links on many pages. To use them, simply click the “Check broken links” button at the bottom of the tool.

Broken links can result from a variety of reasons. Some of them are a direct result of human error. For example, you may have entered the wrong URL, which has caused your site to receive few visits. Broken links can be fixed without losing any information from your website. The best tools will also export their results as a text file so you can analyze them yourself. After the analysis, you can decide if you want to make changes or keep the links as is.

Another useful broken link fix tool is Google’s Search Console. This tool detects broken links on your site and provides you with the necessary information. Broken link detectors can check specific sections of your website or use a more detailed approach by choosing the appropriate depth for the check. They can be especially useful if your site is large and has lots of external 404 errors. You can also use this tool to check individual sections of your site, which is useful if you are working on one section of your site at a time.