How to Use Link Checker Tools

link checker tools

If you’ve ever wondered how to use link checker tools, the answer is probably yes. The best tool for detecting broken links is one that is free to use. These tools can help you detect broken links within your website, both internal and external. For example, a massive blog may have too many dead links. By adding working URLs to old posts, you can make them more valuable for search engines and draw more traffic to your website.

There are a number of free and paid link checker tools. Using one of these tools will help you determine if a website is safe and effective. If a link isn’t in good shape, your website can fall victim to an attack or be penalized. A free link checker tool will tell you if your site is safe. For an additional fee, you can get a more advanced version that scans ten thousand links a day.

Another great tool for broken links is Broken Link Checker. It checks HTTP status response codes of all links, removes those that have expired, and even identifies broken links. The tool will also note whether any of your links redirect, or are no-follow. It runs a crawler in the background to collect data and report the results. The Broken Link Checker is particularly popular on WordPress sites. Once you install the tool, you can schedule automatic checks to be run on your site.