How to Use the WordPress Get_Posts Function

wordpress getposts

The WordPress get_posts function retrieves the latest 20 blog posts within a category. The function returns an array of $post objects, which you can then iterate over to display posts. WordPress also provides order_by and order_descending parameters that let you filter your results. The following code example shows how to use these functions to get lists of posts. The function is best suited for pages and categories with multiple posts.

This function retrieves posts from the database and displays them on a page. Posts can be either pages or custom post types. Use it for displaying popular posts or for making a tutorial page. The result will display posts from the author or category specified. You can also use the function to filter by category or perform advanced queries. We will cover these in greater detail in the next section. Let’s start by learning how to use get_posts in WordPress.

WordPress get_posts allows developers to retrieve lists of posts from the database. The function uses the wp_query language to perform these tasks. This version of the WordPress API has more advanced functionality and can be used to loop through posts. Make sure to test your code before deploying it to a live site. You can also use get_posts to find the most recent posts. A list of posts is returned on a page, but you can also filter by date or comment count.