How to Use the WordPress Tag Cloud Plugin

word press tag cloud

When you’re tagging your posts, you might want to look at your post’s Tag Cloud to see how many posts are associated with a particular term. The size of your tag cloud depends on how many posts are associated with a particular term. In order to get an accurate representation of the number of tags, you can use a wordpress function called wp_generate_tag_cloud(). The function accepts any positive integer, but zero will return all tags.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can add the Tag Cloud block to any page. You can then modify the resulting tag cloud by dragging it onto any page. After you’ve added the widget to a page, click on the block’s “Tag Cloud” icon. The code is in the template editor. Click on the “Tag Cloud” block to customize it. Then, select the tag you’d like to show, and then click “Edit” to edit it.

WordPress Tag Cloud has several great features. It allows you to add tag clouds with a shortcode, and it allows you to choose different shapes. The plugin also supports rotating the clouds on all three axes. You can also select different fonts, colors, and backgrounds. You can also select from the Google Font Library for your tags. The widget also supports multiple languages, so you can customize it to your site’s theme. In addition, you can add a custom URL to your tag cloud.