How to Use the WordPress Template Editor

If you want to create unique templates for your WordPress website, you must install the Template Editor. This plugin allows you to edit and customize templates and global styles. The template editor interface looks similar to the WordPress editor. Blocks are pre-loaded with default styles, but you can change them if you wish. You can also rearrange blocks and change their layout to create custom themes. To get started with Template Editor, you must be running WordPress 5.9 or later.

The Templates Editor tab has everything you need for managing templates. This tab contains the list of templates, a brief description of the different types of fields, and a template editor. The editor also allows you to edit and add your own codes to the templates. For example, you can use the Videowalls plugin to create videowalls. Templates also let you create embedding codes in one place. It is easy to customize a template with the Templates Editor.

After creating a template, you should save it. The Template Editor looks different depending on the template base you’ve chosen. Usually, it’s easy to modify the template by selecting an Easy or Expert editor. To edit templates, go to the Appearance tab and select the “Templates” category. If you don’t have a template yet, you can always add it later by clicking on a button. Using the Template Editor is not difficult, but it can be a bit confusing.