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How to Use the WordPress Tumblr Import Plugin

wordpress tumblr import

To get your Tumblr content on your WordPress site, you can install the WordPress Tumblr import plugin. You’ll first need to register an application with Tumblr. To do this, visit the Tumblr website and enter your website name in the “User name” field. You can also enter your own email address. Otherwise, leave it blank. When the import process is finished, you’ll receive an email from Tumblr with your consumer key.

Once you have your account with Tumblr, sign into your WordPress site. Then, go to the Import Tumblr page and select a Tumblr blog to import. Once you’ve done this, click the Import Tumblr button and you’ll be redirected to the Tumblr importer. In the next screen, select the blog to import and click “Confirm.”

You can also use the same WordPress website name to redirect your Tumblr site. Just make sure to update the name servers with your new domain. This will make it easier to navigate between Tumblr and WordPress. After the import, you’ll have to create a final post using your new website URL. If you’ve ever created a Tumblr post, you’ll know how to paste the HTML code between the tags.

If you’ve created a Tumblr page before, you should authorize WordPress to access your Tumblr account. After saving your API keys, click the Authorize Application link on the Tumblr site. Click “Connect to Tumblr” to connect to Tumblr. If everything goes well, you’ll see a “Authorize Application” link at the bottom of the import page.