How to Use WP Download Manager to Download Paid Files From Your WordPress Website

wp download manager

If you want to download paid files from your WordPress website, you can use the WordPress Download Manager plugin. You will need to install the Premium Package – WordPress Digital Store Solution to use this plugin. Once activated, you can set the pricing for the files and enable payment. This plugin is a great way to increase revenue and give your visitors more control. To download files from your WordPress website, you simply install and activate the plugin, and then follow the instructions to set up the payment process.

The download manager integrates with external storage services and offers drag-and-drop tools for your website’s content. It costs $29 for unlimited sites, which includes six months of support and all add-ons. It requires PHP version 5.6.x, which may be a concern for some users, but most WordPress installs support it. It is also compatible with the All in SEO Pack plugin, so you can use it with confidence.

A few of the features of WP Download Manager are listed below. First, it lets users download files from a remote server. It also offers the option to create archives and extract files. You can also create user accounts for your website. This plugin has flexible shortcodes that are typically used in the frontend download area. Moreover, it supports streaming media. You can control which file types you want to upload. And it even allows you to edit the root path directory to create user groups based on download activity.