How to Use WP Staging

wp staging

WP Staging is a WordPress plugin that clones the selected files and database tables of a live website. This process can take a while, especially for larger sites. Once the cloning process is complete, you can access the staging environment through a URL created from the previous domain and the name assigned to the staging site. To use the staging environment, you must enter your login and password. Then, the staging environment is ready to use.

Once you’ve activated WP staging, you can import your live site. After copying, your live website will be temporarily disabled. This way, you can preview the changes before publishing them. This process also enables you to test if the changes were successful. If they didn’t, you can always go back to your live site and use the same credentials to access the staging site. Once your staging site is ready, you can switch it back to production.

The WordPress staging plugin clones your site in a separate, password-protected area. You can share the staging site with other users. You can also switch the PHP version on your staging site, which is useful when testing out different versions of your WordPress website. The plugin also provides 24/7 support. However, if you’re looking for a free staging site plugin, BlogVault is one of the best choices. With it, you can easily create a staging site from your backups and switch between live and staging websites.