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How to Write a Numbered List in Markdown

markdown numbered list

A numbered list is one way to organize your content using Markdown. List items can be separated by a space or separated by line breaks. To format a list properly, it is important to use proper indentation levels, such as one, two, or three. It is also important to use proper tagging and spacing. There are two basic styles of list items: numbered and bullet. Listed items begin with a number of one.

The first style is called ordinal numbering. It uses a leading one in the list, while lazy numbering uses a zero. List markers begin on the left margin and may be indented by one or more spaces. The following text must be spaced or tabbed after the number. The following example shows how to write a numbered list using Markdown. This format is widely used on websites and blogs. There are many other common uses for numbered lists.

A numbered list can be used for many purposes, including documentation and user-generated text. In a document, a heading is numbered as it appears in the table of contents. The text that is written on a numbered list is automatically numbered. When running Markdown, all bullet points will be numbered. When the list is finished, you can re-index them to add more bullet points. If you need to format a list using this syntax, it is best to use a numbered list template.