Installing a WordPress SSL Certificate

wordpress ssl

If you are looking to protect your online business from cyber threats, installing a WordPress SSL certificate can be the right move for you. This security measure protects your site and your customers from malware and fake hotspots. This standard security feature is becoming increasingly common in cyberspace. This secure connection between your website and your customers’ browsers keeps all sensitive information safe and secure. In addition, a WordPress SSL certificate can be multi-domain, allowing you to secure several domains with one certificate.

To implement a WordPress SSL certificate, you must configure your website to use HTTPS. The process for new sites is straightforward. For existing sites, the process is a little more involved. Open the Settings tab in the WordPress dashboard and verify the Site Address (URL) and WordPress Address (URL) fields. You may need to modify or delete the previous file to complete this step. If you are unsure of how to proceed, consult your hosting provider for additional assistance.

To install an SSL plugin for WordPress, follow the instructions below. Plugins are available for all three major browsers, and many of these plugins automate the process. Once installed and activated, they will automatically convert your home URL and your site URL to HTTPS. Some plugins will also change your content from HTTP to HTTPS. It is important that you install a plugin to ensure that your site is protected. However, you must remember to update the plugin if it is not compatible with your WordPress site.