MariaDB Vs MySQL – What’s the Difference?

mariadb vs mysql

The debate between MariaDB and MySQL can be frustrating, as each has their pros and cons. The two database systems are open source and both use the same code base. However, MariaDB has several advantages over MySQL. Its community development allows anyone to contribute patches and improve the database. This means that you’ll be able to use the best features of either database for free. Listed below are a few of MariaDB’s top features.

Despite their differences, MySQL and MariaDB are binary compatible, meaning clients that run on one database should work on the other. Both databases support the same set of MySQL drivers, so a migration from one to the other shouldn’t be a problem. In general, however, MariaDB offers higher technical qualities and lower licensing costs. If you need timely support for your database, consider a commercial MySQL installation.

While MySQL is a popular open source database, MariaDB is a fork of the MySQL project. While there are many similarities, the two databases are vastly different. In particular, MariaDB is designed to run on multi-platform applications. Its open source nature makes it accessible across multiple applications. It also boasts a large team of support engineers to assist users and developers. If you’re trying to decide between MariaDB and MySQL, make sure to compare these two databases side-by-side.

Although both databases are open source, MariaDB does include features that MySQL doesn’t. Its founders have promised to maintain the database’s open source status. This makes MariaDB more powerful and faster than MySQL. As a bonus, it’s free! It’s also open source, which means that you won’t be charged for using it. In addition to open source software, MariaDB is compatible with MySQL.