SEO16 – Using Keyword Phrases in Page Titles and Meta Descriptions


There are many aspects of SEO that you should be aware of. Regardless of the size of your site, you should make sure that your homepage title tag tells viewers what you are selling and about. However, the best SEO practices do not necessarily apply to all types of websites. In addition to the content on your website, images and newsletter signup forms are also important. For all these reasons, it is critical to focus on improving the overall experience of your visitors.

You should also include your keyword phrase in your page titles and meta descriptions. These are two basic HTML components that you can make for yourself without having to be an expert. They show up in search results and will influence the decision of internet users to read your content or not. You should make sure that the titles and meta descriptions are as impactful as possible. Here are the key areas that you should focus on. Using the right keywords in your page titles and meta descriptions can increase the likelihood of your content being found by search engines.