Social Media Plugins For WordPress

social media plugins for website

A popular social media plugin for WordPress is Jetpack. Its dashboard is cluttered and largely confusing. Plus, there’s no free trial or free version. It costs $22/year for a single website. Monarch is another popular social media plugin for WordPress, developed by Elegant Themes. It allows you to set priorities for your social media accounts and allows you to prioritize which ones you want to be visible. This plugin is not free, but you do get some useful features.

Sharebar. This plugin adds a floating share bar on your website. It allows you to customize your buttons, and choose whether you want them to be visible before or after content. It is not responsive, so you’ll have to disable the sidebar if your website is not optimized for mobile devices. Despite its price, Social Candy lets you add social share buttons before and after content. It is not responsive, but it does offer some nice features.

Kiwi Social Share. This plugin supports 9 social networking sites. It displays total shares and individual shares. It also supports GDPR compliance, and uses the latest software development kit. You can enable or disable features as desired. Its dashboard is easy to use, and it loads quickly. It also features a feature that allows you to customize the message to post on social networks. And since you can customize your share buttons, Kiwi Social Share is a great choice.