The Benefits of a WP Page Editor Plugin

When you’re writing on your WordPress site, a page editor plugin can be invaluable. Gutenberg, for example, enables you to easily create rich content, but it requires careful planning. Rich content projects often require embeds and galleries, which require proper planning beforehand. Gutenberg’s default editor can confuse your readers by rearranging headings and paragraphs, making it difficult to write rich content. The Text-based editor fixes this problem and sets headings and paragraphs in one block.

Whether you’re building a blog or an e-commerce website, a page editor plugin will allow you to create the desired effect. If you’re not a professional designer, you can use a free page builder plugin such as Beaver Builder. This tool starts with modern templates, but cleans up your site with its drag-and-drop system. Plus, its visual builder boasts precision that rivals other options.

Gutenberg also features a block for buttons, and allows you to customize the style and text of your buttons using css. Gutenberg is an extension of WordPress, and comes bundled with version 5. It doesn’t have a convenient way to customize its inspector or toolbar, but it does include an additional block called Multi Buttons. This plugin also allows you to insert a widget or image block. However, it doesn’t allow you to change the color of your buttons.

In addition to creating a website from scratch, WP Page Editor plugins allow you to customize the content and layout of your site without the help of a developer. Drag and drop WordPress page editor plugins allow you to create custom content on your website, without having to hire a professional. These tools are also very useful for a beginner or an experienced web designer. There are many drag-and-drop WordPress page builders available, but the main difference is the cost.