The Best Table of Contents Plugin For WordPress

best table of contents

If you’re trying to find the best table of contents plugin for WordPress, there are many options available. You can customize how the table looks, how many headings are displayed, whether the table is always visible or hidden, and more. Additionally, this plugin allows you to customize its style, including whether it displays in the sidebar, or in a footer. The good news is that this plugin is free to use, and there is no premium version.

The Lucky WP Table of Contents plugin boasts more than 40,000 installations. It works with both the Classical and Gutenberg editors, and has several useful features. The plugin supports automatic insertion of TOCs based on headings. The plugin also lets you configure post types, as well as position and color. Its list style options are also quite cool. For example, you can choose to display your TOC in a hierarchical or linear fashion.

While creating content is still king, you also need to create content that stands out from the crowd. Adding a table of contents to your website is an easy way to enhance the overall quality of your content and website’s user experience. Tables of contents are essentially lists of anchor links. They help readers navigate through a document by eliminating the time they spend hunting for sections. Aside from making navigation easier, adding a table of contents plugin also helps your SEO ranking and push more traffic to your site.