The Web-Stories WordPress Plugin

webstories wordpress plugin

The web-stories wordpress plugin adds a new Stories section to your dashboard. From there, you can upload your logo or select from a variety of pre-built templates. By default, your stories will begin with a blank white screen, but you can change that by editing the colour, image, or video used as the background. You can also include audio or video in your stories, if you’d like.

The WordPress Web Story plugin supports four types of content: images and videos uploaded to your media library, GIFs from Tenor, and videos from Unsplash. Text and shapes can be added to your story slides. If you’re a food blogger, you’ll have plenty of process pictures and other visuals saved from your blog posts. All of these can be added to your stories with ease. A simple click of the mouse will allow you to add a new story to your website or blog.

After publishing a new story, you’ll have the option to preview it on your website or share it with friends. After clicking on “publish” you’ll be taken to the front end page, which contains your new Story. While the front end page is mostly visual, text is still an important part of an engaging Story. Just click the “Text” icon on the right sidebar and enter any necessary information. Publishing your Web Story is similar to publishing a blog post, but in a different way.