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Three Reasons Why a WordPress Partnership Could Be Beneficial

wordpress partnership

While the wordpress community has remained a relatively small group, Google has taken a bigger role in the WordPress Ecosystem. Google has dedicated significant resources to the WordPress Ecosystem, with a specific focus on developing new technologies. One of the most significant updates to the Google search engine has to do with the partnership with WordPress. It is the first major announcement made by Google regarding the WordPress Ecosystem. Whether the new partnership will benefit the WordPress community remains to be seen.

Strategic partnerships allow both companies to scale quickly and significantly. A business serving the WordPress ecosystem may want to expand its reach in order to provide greater value to existing customers and reach new ones. A plugin author may seek to expand its distribution and reach, while a SaaS provider may want to expand its adoption. Whatever the case, there is a benefit to both parties. Here are three reasons why a WordPress partnership could be beneficial for you:

Robust WordPress partnerships understand the importance of a business’ role in the community. For example, Slight Revision proudly serves businesses in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. A robust WordPress partnership will understand the needs of the local market and ensure that your website is well maintained and available around the clock. In addition, it will also give you peace of mind that your business is in good hands. The best way to start your new partnership is by learning from the professionals at Slight Revision.