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Time and Place in Your Person Story

person story place

In your writing, you need to consider where your person story takes place. You can use time and place to establish the setting. It can be a room, building, country, or mode of transportation. In fiction, the setting can change throughout the plot. It could also include the social or cultural surroundings of the character. The setting should be specific enough to give a reader a sense of what’s going on in the story. For example, if the person is living in an apartment, it should be described as a flat.

For example, in a novel, you can choose a first-person narrator. In Jane Eyre, the narrator is the governess, so the narrator will tell you what’s happening. The governess is shielded from certain details, but will know other things. First-person narrators are common in classic works of fiction. In the Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses a first-person narrator. Nick Carraway is an observer of the world of Jay Gatsby and reveals his secrets to the main character, but he doesn’t reveal everything.