Tips to Remember to Use https if You’re Having Trouble With Your WordPress Login

You’ve probably been trying to get your WordPress website to work using an HTTPS url, but you’re having trouble. If you’re having trouble with your login credentials, you’re not alone. It’s possible that the user has accidentally changed their password, or that a malicious actor changed it. If this happens to you, there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. The following are some tips to remember to use https if you’re having trouble.

Changing the URL for your WordPress login can be a difficult task. It’s possible to make the change manually, but this is risky and requires editing Core files and the database. A safer option is to use a plugin. These tools allow you to change the login URL without changing the core files of your WordPress site. They can also help you learn about the CMS better and make manual changes safer. To get a WordPress login obfuscator, check out iThemes Security. WPS Hide Login is another good plugin.