Top 5 Navigation Plugins For WordPress

Navigation plugins can add an extra level of customization to your website. The most popular navigation plugin, Verbb’s Navigation, has fourteen times as many installations as the corresponding Craft CM’s native navigation functionality. It allows you to set the default navigation style, add custom navigation options, and even customize trigger effects and animations. This plugin also includes support for vertical and horizontal navigation, which is an excellent feature for websites with small content footprints.

jQuery ListNav adds a letter-based navigation bar to lists. It allows users to scroll from left to right while clicking or tapping on the list. In addition to that, this plugin supports navigation by keyboard. You can also use it with jQuery. This plugin works in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 6+. The navigation plugin is compatible with all of these browsers. This means that if you want to implement keyboard navigation, this plugin is a great choice.

Using the nav-primary tag in your GSP page or sitemesh layout will allow you to display top-level navigation for your controllers. All controllers are automatically declared within the “app” scope, and will be rendered with an ul if the user navigates through them. The tags are used only once per page. In contrast to nav-primary, the secondary navigation tag only renders the first element of the page.