Using a WordPress Google Calendar Plugin

There are many benefits of using a WordPress Google Calendar plugin. Not only does it display events on your website in an attractive and easily navigable manner, it also offers several layout options, a hover effect that allows detailed event information to pop up, and more. The mobile version of this plugin features a monthly grid layout with dots representing events. The design is also fully customizable. Read on to learn more about this useful plugin. This plugin can be easily installed in WordPress sites.

Once installed, you’re ready to import your Google Calendar into your WordPress website. It is easy to do, as Google provides documentation and code snippets for adding Google Calendar integration to your site. The plugin can display upcoming events, categorize themes, and add tags to filter options. There’s even caching support built in. This plugin also comes with an API key to access Google Calendar data. This allows you to customize the appearance of your website to match your website’s theme.

You can also integrate the Google Calendar into your WordPress website without the use of a plugin. The most popular plugin for this purpose is Simple Calendar. It displays Google Calendar events on your website and syncs with Google’s calendar. In addition to this, it is highly customizable and connects to other plugins. Its minimalist design makes it a great choice for both new and experienced users. Adding a Google Calendar to your WordPress website is easy and convenient.