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Using the /WP-Admin Area of Your WordPress Site

The /wp-admin section of your WordPress site allows you to manage and customize your website. This section features various sections that you can customize, such as the Add new page and the Add new post. All posts lists all the posts on your site, including the author and category, as well as any comments. You can also create new posts, save drafts, and publish them. The Tools option provides you with helpful information about various WordPress features.

You can turn on and off comments on your site by using this menu. You can also find information on how to get started with WordPress. Once you know how to use it, you’ll be on your way to creating a useful and beautiful site. Here, you’ll be able to see how your website is currently set up, what version it’s running, and how to manage its settings. After you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can begin tweaking your site!

To customize your WordPress admin interface, you can use the menu options. You can hide or show different elements of your screen, or make your admin area look more professional. There are also various options in the /wp-admin area to display who’s logged in right now. Hovering over the user bar will reveal details about their profile. A button to log out will appear on the same screen. You can also access the Help option for links to WordPress help pages.