Website Background Image Size – How Large Should Your Background Image Be?

website background image size

If you want to increase the visual appeal of your website, you should consider adjusting the size of the website background image. Many browsers stretch images, which will then cover up the container on the screen. To compensate for this, consider using two images in the same size. For example, if you use an 800×400 pixel image on your website, it will display well on high-resolution devices. If you’re unsure about the appropriate size of the background image, take a look at the following guidelines.

The ideal size of a website background image is at least seven hundred and eighty pixels in width. If it is smaller, it will occupy a significant portion of the page and will look too big on a monitor. Another important factor is that most desktops have a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, so images that are smaller will eat up more space than they actually need. A larger image will slow down a site’s loading time.

For a large background image, you may either create or download a high-resolution image. However, be sure to keep in mind that the background image size of the page should be big enough to scale up without losing resolution. Many users have different screen resolutions and will not be able to see it at full size. You might also want to consider the aspect ratio of your image. If it’s too big, it might only be viewed by a small percentage of your site visitors.