What is Really Simple SSL?

really simple ssl

If you’re wondering what is really simple SSL, I’m here to help. This plugin replaces all http:// URLs with https:// URLs and also secures cookies set with PHP and the httpOnly flag. It requires no database changes or additional plugins. The developer of the plugin is Mansoor Ahmed Khan, a technology enthusiast, marketing guru, and family man. He is driven by projects and rocks the screen.

If you want to use SSL in your WordPress site, you can download the Really Simple SSL plugin. Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, install it and follow the directions on its website. Once your site has the plugin installed, you’ll see a button that says HTTPS in the browser. If you have a valid SSL certificate, you don’t need to install the plugin. Afterwards, you can use WP-CLI to convert your site’s database.

Really Simple SSL is a WordPress plugin that detects your website’s settings and configures it to run over HTTPS. Installing it takes a few seconds. You can also use the “one-click” feature to switch your entire site to SSL with one click. Once your website is secure, all incoming requests will be redirected to https. The plugin has many features that make it a great choice for your website.

Really Simple SSL also fixes the mixed content warnings. This can be very useful if your website contains an extensive amount of content. It can be installed on your website and configured in the Settings SSL section. It will automatically resolve mixed content errors. If you don’t want to spend the money on a third-party SSL certificate, you can use the plugin. This plugin does the trick. Once installed, it will convert your WordPress website to HTTPS.