Why Does WordPress Drop Support For Internet Explorer 11?

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As a user of Internet Explorer 11, you might be wondering, “Why is WordPress dropping support for Internet Explorer?” Well, the reason is pretty simple: IE 11 has a declining market share. The company’s latest figures show that just under 1% of internet users use it. In fact, that number is expected to fall to 0.2 percent later this year, according to W3 Counter. But what does this mean for you, the WordPress developer? In short, it means fewer scripts, a lower maintenance burden, and faster build times.

IE11 is so outdated, that WordPress has warned users for 17 months about its limitations. Users of modern browsers will not be affected by the IE11 drop in support. But those of IE11 will be left with a broken experience as new features will no longer work properly. IE11 will become a very big issue for WordPress users because many of its features were not tested on IE11.

Thankfully, the WordPress project is at an advanced stage, and most of the core code and default themes are cross-browser compatible. Unfortunately, third-party plugins and themes may not be cross-browser compatible. This means that websites built on non-cross-browser platforms will inherit bugs from the non-cross-browser code they use. The base functionality of WordPress must be accessible on all browsers and devices.