Why Upgrade to a Premium WordPress Site?

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While you can create a basic blog without paying a cent, upgrading to a premium site will give you more features and a higher price tag. Plugins and themes can become outdated or develop compatibility issues with new versions of WordPress. It’s also possible that some plugins will break your site’s functionality. It’s wise to check the features and pricing before making a decision. Below are some reasons why you should upgrade to a premium site.

The Pro plan gives you complete control over your site’s CSS and allows you to install third-party themes. This plan also removes WordPress’ branding from your site. Additionally, the Pro plan offers access to monetization tools like WordAds. You can even add videos to your site, allowing visitors to view them without having to use the YouTube embed code. The new business plan also includes access to custom themes and payment integration with 60 countries.

Another reason why a premium WordPress site is necessary is security. WordPress has a number of security components built into its software, but you’ll still need to pay for regular maintenance and updates. Premium security features can add significant costs. As the complexity of your site increases, you may want to consider hiring a developer. You’ll need to pay around $20-75 per hour to make changes to your site. Once your site has grown in popularity, you may want to upgrade to a premium theme or plugin.