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Why WordPress Is Better Than Blogger

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A few months ago, I made the mistake of buying a theme for my WordPress blog. While it is possible to buy a theme that will fit the look and feel of your blog, the fact is that WordPress has many built-in themes. You may find a great theme, but then you’ll have to install it and activate it before you can use it. That is a huge waste of time, and you’ll have to spend hours tweaking it until you are satisfied with it.

WordPress is also much easier to use than Blogger, which requires more set-up work on your part. WordPress also requires a domain name and hosting plan, but the cost is nominal and it is beginner-friendly. Moreover, WordPress offers thousands of customization options for advanced users. WordPress also scales very easily, allowing you to add more features and functionality as your blog grows. However, you may not want to use this platform if you’re not comfortable with technical matters.

WordPress comes with a built-in editor, making it easy to edit your content and media. Then, you can add featured images or categories. You can also include tags to help visitors browse your blog. It is important to note that WordPress has a built-in privacy policy, so make sure you read it carefully. Depending on your needs, you can also include other static pages. For example, you may choose to place a page soliciting donations or advertising for your blog. A resource page allows your readers to browse your most popular links.