Why You Should Use WordPress Stats

If you have a WordPress blog, you probably have no idea how many visitors it receives each month. WordPress stats are an excellent way to keep track of your audience and improve your marketing efforts. However, if you want to be sure that your website is getting the attention it deserves, you may want to invest in a different service. WordPress stats are free, but you should consider purchasing a subscription if you want to track your statistics over time.

Security is an important concern with WordPress. According to a recent report by the security firm Sucuri, ninety percent of all security cleanup activity involved WordPress sites. The Sucuri report also showed that WordPress websites receive 487 billion spam messages per month. Thankfully, many of these spam messages are blocked by Akismet, which filters out 99.9% of spam. The stats can also help you see which plugins are generating the most traffic.

The growth of WordPress is impressive. The number of new users and themes is rising every month, and there are now over a billion active websites. The number of blog posts published on WordPress is high as well. WordPress users make up about 12% of all websites. The latest version is 5.2, with only 20% of users using a version of this software older than version 4.9. Moreover, WordPress is growing at a steady rate, with an average growth rate of one to four percent over the past eight years. Ultimately, WordPress is a great tool for anyone who uses a blog, but it isn’t perfect for everyone.