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WordPress Backgrounds – Using a Professional Photo For Your WordPress Backgrounds

If you want to use a professional photo on your WordPress website, there are several best practices for using photos as your background image. Using an image from your smartphone or digital camera will likely not be high-quality enough. Instead, purchase a professional-quality photo from a royalty-free stock picture site such as Shutterstock. Free stock picture sites also offer a wide variety of background images. The resolution of the image will also affect its appearance.

After choosing a good background image, you can change the image by modifying it on the side column or in the settings. You can change the position, size, and opacity. You can also change the image or add another image in the content of your website. But before you make the changes, you should first determine which fonts and colours will work with your chosen background image. Make sure to remember that a good background image should fit your style.

Most WordPress themes have a background image option. A good example is the Colibri theme, which is compatible with most WordPress versions. There are also several other themes that behave similarly. If you are unsure about your theme, you can use the Full Screen Background Pro plugin. This plugin is free and allows you to upload any background image that you choose. This plugin will also allow you to change the background image and add additional content. There are many other free WordPress themes available, so be sure to check them out.