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WordPress Categories Vs Tags

wordpress categories vstags

WordPress categories and tags are both used to organize your posts. While tags can be thought of as more refined categorization, categories are the default for most WordPress users. A tag will show up on your post if it is related to a particular category or post type. This can encourage visitors to stay and read more content. And, it will also allow you to display related content. So, if you’re not sure which to use, here are some things to consider.

WordPress tags and categories are important parts of the WordPress platform. They help search engines identify your content more effectively. While tags provide more details about a post, categories allow you to include as many as you’d like. This allows search engines to display the most relevant content for your posts. Many website owners also create separate categories for different authors. WordPress automatically categorizes different authors into their respective categories. However, when creating categories, keep the user in mind.

WordPress requires categories for posts, but allows users to create their own custom tags. As an administrator, you create a category for each author. This way, your readers will see your name and other details about the author. You can use both forms simultaneously or choose between the two. So, which one do you use? If you’re not sure, try using both! There are plenty of options out there. So, get started on your site!