WordPress Community Plugins

wordpress community plugin

If you are looking to create a forum on your website, then you need a WordPress community plugin. There are a variety of options available to you, including bbPress, ForumEngine, Youzify, and CM Answers. These solutions are quick and lightweight, but will provide you with a great forum experience for your site. Let’s take a look at some of them in more detail. If you’re unsure about which to choose, read on.

CM Answers

If you’re planning to install a community website for your WordPress site, you may want to consider the CM Answers Plugin. This plugin enables users to post questions, vote on answers, and even upload files. In addition to allowing users to post questions, it also lets you manage users, notifications, and settings. Here’s how to install the CM Answers Plugin. Once you’ve installed the plugin, it’s time to configure it.


The ForumEngine wordpress community plugin transforms your WordPress website into a discussion forum. The plugin includes search functionality and the ability to filter content. Visitors can also search for topics to learn more about what your forum is about. You can even use it to start a discussion on a topic of your choice. Here are some things to look out for when using the plugin. Read on to learn more about this plugin and how to make your WordPress site into a community forum.


The Youzify wordpress community plugin is a great way to add user profiles to your website. Youzify comes with everything you need to create an attractive, user-friendly profile. The plugin also includes tools for creating a fully-functional profile, such as a custom tab. You can choose to hide certain controls on your profile, which will help protect your site. You can also set limits on how many attempts a user has to login.


The WPForo community plugin integrates well with WordPress forums and comes with an impressive set of features. WPForo offers total user management, a custom forum login page, and Akismet integration. It also comes with powerful features for SEO, including custom page titles, member ratings, and usergroups and forums. In addition, this plugin can also crawl forums. Here are some of the key features that make it a great choice for a WordPress forum.


PeepSo is a members club modelled on Facebook. It can be placed on your website and used to build a community centered around your product or service. Its community management dashboard and blog post integration are the most popular features of the plugin. It’s also free, but you’ll need to upgrade if you want to add premium features or add new features to your site. The plugin also supports many popular WordPress themes, including the free Gecko theme.


The UserPro WordPress community plugin allows you to create an engaging online community and beautiful front-end profiles. The plugin offers hundreds of features including social join, viral marketing, tested accounts, content restriction, and public/private project feeds. In addition to its many features, UserPro allows everyday participants to post directly. It supports whole customizable post sorts, and custom categories. With UserPro, you’ll be able to build a highly customized community.