WordPress Download Manager

WordPress download manager lets you manage and share files with your website visitors. It can be integrated into posts and pages and allows you to list downloaded files from any third-party storage source. You can also embed files from your website, and receive notifications when a user downloads a particular file. The free version has limited features, but will be perfectly acceptable for most users. You can also upgrade to the Pro version, which contains more features. This plugin is available in two versions, Free and Pro.

Despite its basic functions, WordPress Download Manager has a number of useful features. You can control and manage file downloads through user roles and passwords, limit the number of files you want to download per user, and block bots, unwanted users, and spammers. It also asks you to accept its terms of service before downloading any files. This free download manager is the easiest way to protect your website content and data from unwanted users. Its user interface is user-friendly and it works perfectly with WordPress sites.

It also improves file security by adding user authorizations and file access restrictions. You can also get automated notifications whenever you grant someone access to a group of files or download a file. The plugin also comes with flexible shortcodes, which are typically used for the frontend download area. Moreover, it supports streaming media with embedded protection support. You can also edit the root path directory with this plugin. Its benefits make it a great choice for any website owner.