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WordPress Duplicate Page – The Easiest Way to Create a Duplicate Page

wordpress duplicate page

WordPress has a feature called the duplicate page that allows you to create a copy of a page or post. This plugin works across all content types, including pages and posts. There are a few useful features that you can use to save time. First, you can choose which editor is active, and then click the Duplicate This button. Second, the new copy will be published with a draft status instead of being live, which makes it easy to delete unwanted copies.

The Duplicate Page plugin is the easiest way to duplicate a page or post in WordPress. This plugin works across both live posts and drafts, so you can use it to create copies of any content. Duplicate Pages also allows you to swap images and customize text, and you can create a similar post by editing a standard post. And because you can use the same plugin to create duplicate pages, you don’t have to rewrite the post structure to use it for another site.

You can also select a block of content to duplicate in the same way you edit a post. However, you should note that this method has some limitations, particularly if you have a large number of duplicate posts. Hence, it is not recommended to use this method unless you are certain that you have a very limited number of duplicate posts. You should also note that cloning a page without using a plugin may overwrite your original content.