WordPress Gutenberg – How Gutenberg Can Help You Build a Great Website

wordpress gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg is an editor for posts and pages that allows you to easily add content to your website. The editor lets you drag and drop files to create blocks that can include multiple images or files. You can also create shortcodes and use them to integrate third-party content, such as videos, audio, or even social media posts. The Gutenberg editor works with any plugin that provides shortcodes. Whether you’re an experienced web developer or just starting out, Gutenberg can help you build a great website.

Gutenberg is designed to be developer-friendly, so you can build blocks for your website without worrying about breaking your site. Instead of learning HTML, you can simply copy and paste a code snippet into the editor. You don’t have to be a web developer to use Gutenberg, as it is built with plugin developers in mind. It also uses shortcodes to help developers create their own blocks. There are many Gutenberg-compatible plugins available on the WordPress Plugin Repo.

If you’re new to Gutenberg, the interface is a bit intimidating. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll soon be creating beautiful websites. The interface is similar to that of the TinyMCE editor. The input area is divided into blocks and content types. Gutenberg provides a search bar to help you navigate the editor easily. The editor will prompt you with a list of block types that you can add.