WordPress Gutenberg Vs Classic Editor

When creating and editing a WordPress website, you’ll probably use the Classic editor. It’s the default editor for older versions of WordPress, and it’s an extremely basic text editor, similar to word processing software. Its shortcomings made it difficult for beginners and non-technical users to create pages that were as complex as they needed to be. Gutenberg aims to make the editing experience better for everyone, but you might be wondering how it differs from Classic.

WordPress offers a free plugin that will allow you to use the Classic Editor. This plugin will restore the editor to 4.9.8. You can use the plugin to create and edit posts and pages. The plugin will disable Gutenberg on certain aspects of your site, including user roles. This is useful for people who aren’t comfortable with the changes Gutenberg brought to WordPress. While using the plugin, make sure to save the settings after each change to prevent accidental changes.

A recent report from the WordPress project showed that more than five million people are using the plugin. Although the plugin is only a year old, the number of installations has grown dramatically in recent months. Especially with the release of new WordPress 5.x versions, this is a significant number of people. It’s important to note that the plugin may be withdrawn by the end of 2022, but it will still be available to WordPress users.