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WordPress – How to Create a Copy of a Page and Post

If you want to copy a page and post, WordPress offers a great feature called the ‘Clone Page’. This tool lets you create a copy of a page and post by hovering over the one you’d like to duplicate. The copy will be saved as a draft, but you can edit it afterwards. If you want to make sure that your new post is identical to your old one, see our tutorial.

When you click the ‘Clone Page’ button, the content of your original post will be copied to the duplicate page. If you want to edit the content on the duplicate page, however, you will have to select it first. If you’re using the Classic Editor, you will have to select the content that you wish to copy. You can also make edits to your existing post with the ‘Edit’ button.

You can clone posts or pages by using a plugin. Plugins let you copy the content of one page to another without having to rewrite it. Then, you can paste that content into the new page. But, if you want to duplicate a page, you can clone it using another plugin. To find the best plugin for your needs, you should look for those that have been updated recently, are highly rated, and have good reviews.

The cloning feature lets you customize the title and other settings of the page. Using the “Do not copy these taxonomies” option will prevent copying of tags and categories. The cloned page will stay in draft mode. There are many WordPress plugins that duplicate a post or site. One of the best plugins that allows you to clone a full page is ‘Clone Page Tree’. This plugin was originally developed for CNCF and The Linux Foundation.