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WordPress – How to Set Up Your Homepage

wordpress how to set homepage

The first step in setting up your homepage is to go to the admin dashboard. Here you will find the section for pages and your homepage. Here you can enter your text, images, and header. After you upload these files, you can adjust the alignment, and you can add a caption. After you have completed all steps necessary to set up your homepage, you can click the publish button to have your changes go live immediately. You can also choose to schedule your changes to go live later.

Next, click ‘Settings’. This menu will expand to provide additional options. In the Front Page and Posts page, you can choose which page you’d like to show. Then click the blue “Save” button. This will make your chosen page your default home page. If you haven’t chosen a static page yet, don’t worry. WordPress allows you to select the default homepage and the static page.

In the Theme options section of the dashboard, you can set your homepage to display the latest blog posts. You can also add a separate blog page for your site. However, it is best to keep the main page static, and only change it if you’re planning on making frequent updates. It will look better if you have static content rather than a constantly changing blog. You can choose a static homepage option that shows only your recent posts, or you can choose to display all your blog posts in one page.