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WordPress in Spanish – How to Change the Idioma of Your Website

WordPress supports changing the idioma of your website, but many people are unsure about how to do so. This post will answer some common questions about changing idioma and provide a practical solution. Before you start translating your site, it is essential to learn a bit about the language it is written in. Then, you can use the new language-friendly settings to make your site more friendly to visitors.

When you first install WordPress, it will be in English. To switch the language, you must first access the WP panel. From here, you can navigate to the “Settings” option. Clicking on this option will open a small, editable desplegable. You can then change the theme and language. Lastly, you can also choose whether or not to use Spanish for the content on your site.

You should also check out Spanish blogs that discuss WordPress and its features. Some are more helpful than others, but the majority of users will want to translate their content themselves. Blogpocket, for example, provides detailed information and advice on the basics of blogging. Other Spanish blogs include Ciudadano 2.0 and Adicto 2.0. Whether you are looking for a simple blog or an advanced blog, WordPress has something for you.

WordPress is a flexible platform for creating websites, and the Spanish language version has many different configuration options and rules. Although it was originally intended for blogs, WordPress has become the most popular website builder for content marketers. You can build anything you can imagine with WordPress, from a simple blog to a complex business website. You can find WordPress in Spanish by browsing a Spanish-language directory. There are even free WordPress courses online.