WordPress Intranet Plugins

WordPress intranet plugins make it easy for users to create and share intranet content. Using these plugins, you can also protect the category structure of your website by adding user roles, including administrators, editors, and contributors. You can even assign private intranet content to specific categories and make them invisible to the public. Using these plugins, users can also create new content freely. WordPress intranet users can create posts and other types of content using the dashboard or Posts.

WordPress intranets are ideal for documenting knowledge and training current employees and new hires. You can create knowledge bases with the free WP Knowledgebase plugin or upgrade to the premium Heroic Knowledge Base. Besides being secure, intranets are also restricted to employees only. You can set the level of access for users and files so that they can only view specific information. However, make sure that your users are allowed to see your knowledge base.

WordPress is an open source project, so there is no cost for you to use it. However, there are certain factors that you should consider, such as the amount of money you will spend on hosting, theme development, and plugins. Since WordPress is free to download, you can try out some of the most popular plugins for a small fee. Collaboration among workers is essential to the growth of your business. For example, a WordPress intranet plugin can create profiles and groups similar to Facebook groups, which will help your employees share ideas.