WordPress Page Builder Review – Elementor

page builder elementor

If you’re looking for a free WordPress page builder, consider Elementor. You can start by selecting a full-page template from the Elementor library. You’ll need to activate your license key to access premium templates. After selecting a template, you can add or delete modules or premade blocks to create a new page. Premade blocks are sections with content and style already built in. You can also save your own design as a template.

You’ll also enjoy the drag-and-drop capability of Elementor. Unlike most page builders, Elementor lets you drag and drop elements, edit them in real time, and preview the changes you’ve made. It’s designed to offer users a high level of flexibility when it comes to designing a site. With a large template library, built-in widgets, and a visual revision history, Elementor offers endless options for designing a website.

If you’re a front-end developer, Elementor’s advanced features will be of great use to you. There’s a pop-up builder built in to Elementor, making it easier to capture leads’ email addresses. Custom fields let you create your own pop-ups with ease. Another great feature of Elementor is its ability to open pages using keyboard shortcuts. The latter is very helpful if you’re on a tight deadline or simply want to save your work in a hurry.

The Elementor editor offers a range of layout tools, including section width, column gap, and full and column width. You can also copy-paste, style, and insert content modules in-line. It even allows you to create nested columns. Elementor also features mobile-friendly editing tools, including responsive column width and 100% mobile-friendly design. The Elementor editor has a complete library of ready-to-use templates, and it is easy to create pages that look beautiful and work well on any device.