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WordPress PDFs – Alternatives to the WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin

wordpress pdfs

If you’ve ever wanted to create and publish PDFs from your WordPress site, you should look at the WordPress PDF viewer plugin. It’s free and is translated into more than 100 languages. You can also customize the appearance of the PDF viewer by adding a shortcode and bookmarking features. However, some users may not find this plugin as attractive as they would like. Here are some alternatives to choose from. Read on to learn about them.

You can upload PDF files to your WordPress site through your media library. Once you’ve uploaded a PDF file, you can add a link to it. To embed the PDF in WordPress, you should copy the URL and paste it in the appropriate place, above the cursor. If you have a technical background, you can also edit the system files. The next step is to choose the option that allows you to embed the PDF in your website.

Another alternative is to use the WordPress PDF plugin. The plugin allows you to automatically generate a PDF document for every page in your site. This is useful if you have a lot of documents that need to be shared. This plugin has several advantages and can make your site more user-friendly. The plugin should also support indexing and search PDF files. The plugin should support PDF metadata and other important custom fields. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the developer of this plugin.