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WordPress Plans – Personal Vs Premium

wordpress plans

WordPress recently released new pricing plans, and the differences between the Personal plan and the Premium plan aren’t all that big. In general, the new pricing page is easier to navigate, though there’s still some confusion regarding the difference between the two. The Personal plan costs $4 per month, while the Premium plan costs $8 per month. So which plan is best for you? Keep reading to discover more. You’ll be happy you did! Unless you’re using WordPress for e-commerce, you’ll want to stick with the Premium plan.

The Premium plan gives you access to 6GB of storage space, email support, and subscribers-only content. For $8 per month, or $96 per year, a Premium plan offers all of the benefits of the Personal plan, plus premium themes and custom CSS. Considering that WordPress is a great tool for small business websites, this plan may be the right choice. But before you make your decision, make sure you know what your needs are.

Business plans include more features and benefits, including additional hosting and e-commerce features. You can also install custom plugins and themes and sell products internationally with the WordPress e-commerce plan. Both personal and business plans offer support for major shipping carriers. However, if you don’t need all the extra bells and whistles, the Personal or Premium WordPress plan should be enough. And if you’re unsure about which plan is best for you, consider contacting an expert and comparing their features.