WordPress Social Share Plugins

wordpress social share plugin

The WP Ultimate Social Share Plugin has seven different tasks at once, including icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It also features a counter for your social media shares, feeds, and auto-post. It also helps your site’s SEO optimization. After Social Share Actions encourage users to take additional actions after sharing your content. These buttons also include powerful analytics, a click log, and other statistics. They can also be personalized with local language, making them more effective for promoting your site’s content.

The easy social share buttons are a great feature of this plugin. Users can choose to have the social share buttons show up on mobile devices only, or on desktops. If you’re using the plugin on your blog, you can choose to have it show up on mobile devices only, or both. The sticky bar increases social sharing. Growing Social was previously known as Social Pug, and it’s among the most user-friendly WordPress social share plugins. It’s free, but it has a premium version that allows you to add social share buttons to your site.

If you’re looking for an affordable WordPress social share plugin, Better Click to Tweet is a good choice. It allows users to tweet your content with just a click, and it allows users to use their full character limit to share your content. This plugin also supports URL shorteners, so you can maximize your characters in your posts. Unlike many free social sharing plugins, it offers premium add-ons, such as Facebook Like Button and Twitter Follower Plugin.