WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

wordpress social sharing plugin

If you are looking for a social sharing plugin for WordPress, you have come to the right place. With over 200 social media networks integrated, this plugin is capable of supporting the majority of websites. Not only that, you can choose the custom icons that you want to use for each platform. You can choose from sixteen different styles of icons, and you can add counts to your buttons to encourage visitors to follow your accounts. After implementing this plugin, you can start sharing your content with a single click.

However, you should also be aware that adding social buttons can significantly slow down your site’s load time. I’ve seen sites that were loaded in less than a second after installing the plugin. This is not a problem with Kiwi, which is a free WordPress social sharing plugin. While it doesn’t offer any customer support, you will be able to choose from different color schemes. It also has 20 different locations and ways to display the buttons.

Another popular plugin is Revive Social, which is a hub for a variety of social media plugins for WordPress. It focuses on reviving old posts and boosting social media engagement. It has two complementary plugins, Revive Old Posts and Revive Social, both of which focus on boosting social media engagement. You can schedule posts and share them to multiple sites simultaneously. This plugin is also compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Tumberere, Pinterest, and Tumblr.