WordPress Table of Contents Plugins

wordpress table of contents

Adding a table of contents to your WordPress site can increase the look of your content, make navigation easier, and provide a better user experience. There are a number of table of contents plugins that allow you to add this feature to specific sections of your pages. Table of contents plugins come with a wide range of practical features, including full customization of sections, defining different levels of headings, and automatic TOC creation.

Posts Table Pro is an easy to use WordPress TOC plugin. This plugin uses shortcodes to create an easy-to-customize table of contents. It is flexible enough to display several columns of content, and it inherits the styling of your theme. You can use any custom field you want to include in your table of contents, such as categories. The main feature of this plugin is its ability to display any type of content.

Most TOC plugins have a variety of configuration options. You can adjust the table’s size and position, as well as the font and size of each heading. You can also choose the color of your table, and you can even exclude H4 headers from it. To create your TOC, follow these simple steps. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is! When you have a table of contents, you’ll never run out of ideas again.

If you need a TOC plugin for your WordPress site, try SimpleTOC. This free plugin is active on over three thousand websites and has received full marks from 25 users. A table of contents enriches your content and helps users understand it. The plugin also supports Michael Tran’s table of contents template. These free plugins make the process of displaying a table of contents easy and convenient. There are even a variety of additional features available, including a custom lead input in the content, and support for a variety of other features.