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WordPress Templates – What Are the Main Files in a WordPress Theme?

wordpress templates

WordPress themes are the basic building blocks of a WordPress blog site. They are customizable to fit your business’s requirements and meet industry standards. When used correctly, they can improve the look and feel of a website and improve engagement with visitors. Often, WordPress themes have default templates that produce HTML output for specific sections of a website. These include the main page, sidebar sections, comments, and single post pages. These templates can be customized to match your unique brand identity or match the style of your website.

WordPress templates are comprised of HTML code that draws information from the WordPress database (MySQL). This code then generates the front end of a website. Your web browser will display this information. The template files are stored together as the WordPress theme. This is why you can easily change the look and feel of your website with the click of a button. But before you use a theme, you should understand what each file does. Here are the main files that you need to include in a theme:

Zakra: This responsive WordPress theme is AMP-ready and has a 1-click demo content install. You can install up to ten free starter-site templates with this theme. Other features of this theme include a one-click demo importer, compatibility with popular plugins, and customization options. Other themes worth checking out include Hestia, a multipurpose theme that offers a clean, professional look. Its design is also compatible with a variety of page builder plugins.