How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

google analytics wordpress

If you want to track your traffic, then Google Analytics is the way to go. It is free, versatile, and endlessly scalable. This plugin works perfectly with WordPress, so you can get the stats you need without the hassle of installing a third-party tool. But if you’re having trouble installing the plugin, read on. We’ll cover the basics and explain how to get started. Then, we’ll look at how to add Google Analytics to WordPress.

There are several options for installing Google Analytics for WordPress. The premium version of the plugin, for example, is MonsterInsights, which includes many useful features and integrations. It can monitor site traffic and generate well-filtered reports. Another option is Analytify, which is free and can be upgraded to a premium version if it proves to be a suitable fit for your site. For free versions of Google Analytics for WordPress, you can install the plugin on your site and check it out.

You can also install Google Analytics manually. If you have a free version of the plugin, you can insert the tracking code manually. Otherwise, you can install it with MonsterInsights, which makes installation easy. The pro version provides more detailed stats and WooCommerce and EDD tracking. It also includes tons of add-ons and automates email notifications. Unlike other Google Analytics plugins for WordPress, this plugin can automatically connect to Google Analytics. And since it uses automatic authentication, it’s perfect for beginners.