Secure Email – Why Secure Email Is Essential to Your Business

secure email

Most of us do not think about secure email until we need to send or receive sensitive information, such as payment card data or medical records. Email is the primary vector of attack for hackers and cybercriminals and can result in massive financial losses and damaging company reputation. Fortunately, secure email solutions have advanced technologies that scan and quarantine all email for potential threats, including viruses and worms. They can also detect anomalies and quarantine them automatically. This makes them an essential part of any company’s security strategy.

Secure email uses end-to-end encryption, which keeps your personal and business information safe. Encryption uses a secret key, which is unique to the account. The recipient cannot read the content of your email without the private key. Encrypted email tools do not require a password or other type of authentication. They also use a server that is located in a secure location and use encryption to protect your emails. This keeps your email secure from phishing attempts and other hacker attacks.

Secure email is possible using Gmail, a popular email platform. It requires no extra configurations, so you can write emails as usual and not worry about security. Encrypted messages are viewable by anyone, including recipients. It also supports HIPAA regulations, which requires that all email be encrypted. The penalties for violating HIPAA are high. Secure email allows you to send sensitive data without worrying about the consequences. There are many free and paid secure email services out there.