WebTotem Review

A SaaS security solution such as WebTotem provides powerful tools for monitoring and securing your website. For example, WebTotem’s reputation module detects open ports and potential data leaks. The score is updated regularly to reflect any vulnerabilities and improvements. In addition, you can easily generate reports with customized fields based on selected security modules. This way, you can keep track of your website’s security and prevent potential data leaks before they happen.

WebTotem is a SaaS

WebTotem is a SaaS that provides website security and monitoring. With its WAF platform, webTotem is able to detect and block suspicious behaviour on web servers. It also tracks activity time to ensure that your site is always accessible. With a lifetime license of $59, WebTotem is a great value for your money. You can sign up for a lifetime membership and start using it immediately.

WebTotem is a SaaS that provides a range of website security and monitoring tools. It offers tools for domain monitoring, deface monitoring, uptime monitoring, SSL certificate checks, port scanning and vulnerability scanning. It also offers a remote security control facility. It works with Sirius and the Center for Analysis And Investigation of Cyber Attacks (CaICAN).

It provides powerful tools for securing and monitoring your website

A comprehensive website security service that protects your website from cyber threats, WebTotem protects your company’s web pages from hackers and other malicious activity. Its powerful WAF platform detects suspicious activity and blacklists the IP address of the offending parties. In addition to protecting your site, WebTotem also monitors and filters your website traffic to keep it running smoothly at all times.

Security reports provide detailed information about your website’s security and performance. With WebTotem, you can review the status of different security modules at once. Security reports can be generated to see how your website is faring and provide recommendations on how to improve your website’s security. WebTotem’s reputation monitoring service checks if your website has been blacklisted, and also tracks page response times and availability. It also checks software versions, notifying you about vulnerabilities in the server. Additionally, it notifies you about updates to your domain name.

It has a reputation module that detects open ports

With WebTotem’s reputation module, you can determine which servers are vulnerable to open ports and which are not. It can also detect any blacklist entries on a server. Other modules include the accessibility module that tracks the availability and page response time of websites. It also includes information on the technology stack, disc usage, and load data. Detecting open ports can help protect your website and your business from a potential cyberattack.

It has a reputation module that detects potential data leaks

The reputation module of WebTotem helps you monitor the security of your site. It can detect possible data leaks, such as if your SSL certificate has expired or if your web server has open ports. WebTotem also provides you with a score on security by checking your server’s http headers, WAF, CMS, cookies, and software versions. Whether your site is secure is important to you, so it’s worth investing in a reputation management solution.