Top Benefits of Installing the PageSpeed Module on Your NGINX Website

pagespeed module

The PageSpeed Module is a popular tool for optimizing websites, and it comes with several useful features. However, it can break the server architecture if it is not configured correctly. If you are unsure whether or not the module is right for your website, you can always look into its GitHub account. In addition to its extensive documentation, the PageSpeed tool also includes a variety of useful sample pages. You can also use the documentation to create your own custom tests and check the results.

If you are running NGINX, you may wish to install Google PageSpeed to improve the performance of your site. The tool rewrites web pages and reduces bandwidth and latency. Although not widely used, this module can help your NGINX website improve its performance and speed. Listed below are the top benefits of using the PageSpeed module on your NGINX website. Once you have installed PageSpeed, you will be able to test how your site is performing by running Chrome Dev Tools.

The PageSpeed Module includes two filter sets that are predefined by the Google PageSpeed team. The first set, called Core Filters, is a safe level of participation and applies only the most basic optimizations. The second set, known as AllFilters, applies every filter possible and may slow down your site. Depending on your server, you may want to check the performance of your site after applying AllFilters, which takes a bit longer.